Why LibreLex ?


Apart from the advantages in use and management, that are discussed at other places on this site, LibreLex also offers a good possibility to save on IT-spendings, while offering better features.

In the table below, some counting examples are offered. That of course are not very exact, nevertheless very good to show how attractive LibreLex, in combination with OpenOffice or Libreoffice, is priced.

 example savings

Why was LibreLex made ?

Nou&Off delivers corporate style solutions for its customers on regular base. This from 2005 onwards. From simple to very feature rich. Often with customer specific wishes, but more and more generic features came up. Such as the easy it offers to the customer to maintain and extend it.

The idea came up to make a lot of the possibilities available in a standard version. And combine that - after all working with documents has changed a lot - with as much as possible functions for sharing, placing of the documents. But still handy for the user, easy to manage by the administrator for changing or adding documents, fast to deploy local or on a network.

Now that is LibreLex.

Is LibreLex Open Source ?

From various sides we've been asked if LibreLex is open source.
No, not yet. But the intention is that it will be. Enquiries for partnership or other support, of course are highly appreciated.

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